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Coated blades

Coated blades ©

A.C.C. Advanced Cutting Company S.r.l. offers a wide range of bimetal blades, hard metal bandsaw blades and any type of blade coated with TiAIN (titanium nitride). We will support you with our expertise for a development oriented to the actual need of the production department.

With our wide range of coated blades, intended for every power class and material group, we will support you in the best choice for a specific application that uses the most suitable high-performance tool.

In addition to bimetal blades and carbide bandsaw blades, we can also supply you with other blades coated with our high-tech processing that meet the most rigid standards and guarantee fast and precise production in any industrial sector.
The increase in productivity is determined by top-quality cutting performance thanks to the use of TiAIN. This material indeed ensures greater performance to the blades, which become smoother, more resistant and silent, and also act in particularly critical working conditions.

The advantages of TiAIN coated blades

TiAIN coating is widely used in cutting tool manufacturing.
The blade coating is made with titanium nitride, in order to ensure greater hardness and wear resistance than the traditional ones, which are very performing as well. This kind of coating is perfect if you need to process abrasive material, heavy, tough material and very hard alloys. The TiAIN coating is characterized by:

  • Refined geometric toothing shape
  • Very hard surface
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Increase in rotation speed and blade moving
  • Use of lower cutting forces
  • Top-quality and extremely precise cuts

Here are some of our TiAIN coated blades:

Performa HL©

Performa HL © is a bimetal blade characterized by excellent cutting strength thanks to its micro-resistance and greater stability, and the smart chip distribution is specifically designed to reduce the cutting force and ensure greater durability in use. TiAIN improves cutting performance and ensures greater wear resistance.

Performa G©

Performa G © is an innovative bimetal blade that boasts the best performance in cutting large or very large pieces. Thanks to its TiAIN coated ground toothing, it is especially resistant and extremely precise in slits, and leaves the cut surfaces very clean. Its excellent surface finish results from constant hardness and toughness.

Certosa C4©

C4© is a TiAIN coated hard metal toothing blade which is perfect for working on materials characterized by low workability, such as titanium, nickel and Inconel (nickel and chromium) alloys. It is smooth, very silent and capable of precision cutting on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. TiAIN C4 © has been specifically designed for heat treated materials characterized by very high resistance, thus ensuring top-quality cutting performance by using lower strength.


Agila TPX Plus©

Coated Agila TPX Plus is a specific bimetal bandsaw blade boasting remarkable performance thanks to its reinforced toothing. It does not require any type of blade break-in since its reinforced toothing is characterized by TiAIN coating. The titanium nitride, used on a performing and specific blade such as Agila TPX PLUS, ensures greater hardness and wear resistance.
The TiAIN blade coating is available for all products as it is a hi-tech finish.

A.C.C. will guide you in developing customized solutions tailored to every production need.

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