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Carbon Band Saw Blades

Carbon blades

The range of carbon blades that we offer in our catalogue is among the most performing and resistant on the market. Very suitable for generic cutting and mass production for universal use.

Carbon blades are versatile and able to increase the performance and life of your equipment, reducing processing time and thus the costs associated with large-scale production.

Using carbon bandsaw blades means equipping yourself with high-performance tools which withstand high stress and result in straighter and more accurate cuts; moreover, you will have the possibility of sharpening the bandsaw after prolonged use.
The natural flexibility of carbon blades makes them very suitable for various applications including wood, plastic, aluminum, copper, brass cutting.

Our carbon blades include:

ACC Optima Flex

Our ACC Optima Flex Carbon Bandsaw Blades are designed to provide top-quality and reliable cutting performance, greater resistance to stress and stronger toothing than in traditional bandsaw blades.

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