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Hard metal blade Certosa CM

Certosa CM is a hard metal bandsaw blade whose toothing geometry is specifically designed to get in contact with the cutting material, guaranteeing optimized performance and great precision. Very suitable for applications on pieces with hardened surface and chromed pieces.

Its specific toothing boasts a wear-resistant and very robust negative sharp angle, for a long-lasting and performing blade capable of optimizing production times.

The main advantages of Certosa CM lie in its applicability on hardened or chromed pieces, good cutting performance as well as greater durability and top-quality execution which leads to an increase in productivity.


Specific hard metal blade characterized by special and improved geometry with negative angle and ground trapezoidal toothing, perfect for hardened as well as chromed steel pieces.


Specific for materials with chromed and hardened peripheral layers such as thick tubes and round bars. Perfect for hardened steel pieces up to 65 HRC, manganese steel, various types of construction steel, cementation steel or cold-working steel, chromed steel for tool production, etc.
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