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Certosa C Alu

Hard metal blade Certosa C Alu

Certosa C Alu is a carbide tipped bandsaw blade used to improve cutting performance and increase industrial productivity. Perfect for perimeter and non-ferrous metal cuts.

Blade with high cutting performance that results in great increase in productivity, able to give support even in very long processing and manufacturing time.

Certosa C Alu shall be considered among the most reliable bandsaw blades for cutting large plates and aluminum blocks and also implies minimum waste of material.

Certosa C Alu is suitable for cutting large plates and blocks, it is specifically indicated for cutting aluminum and aluminum alloys. It results in reduced cutting waste and shavings can be easily vacuumed.


It is characterized by ground trapezoidal toothing with positive angle, the special hard metal toothing configuration helps avoid abrasive wear while using.


It can be used on flat bars, round bars, square bars and material including aluminum, aluminum alloys and all non-ferrous metals.
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