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Carbide Band Saw Blades

Carbide bandsaw blades: features and properties

Carbide-tipped bandsaw blades are used to improve cutting performance and industrial productivity.

Among their features we find: the specific geometries available for their toothing, specifically ground so as to to obtain top cutting performance, along with their capability to support very long execution and production time.

By using a suitable metal bandsaw blade you can increase the performance and life span of your equipment, reduce production time and consequently manufacturing cost.

Choose among our carbide bandsaw blades

Certosa C3 carbide-tipped blade

The carbide-tipped cutting blade with C3 geometry is particularly suitable for cutting hard-to-cut material including: titanium alloys, Inconel or nickel-based alloys.

Combined with our reliable 4% chromium support material, it becomes a sophisticated blade able to achieve the high-quality standard of the premium line.

Certosa C4 and C4 © carbide-tipped cutting blades

The carbide-tipped cutting blades with C4 geometry are capable of cutting a wide variety of materials with low workability: titanium alloys, Inconel and nickel-based alloys, as well as all aluminum alloys.

The TiAIN C4 © coated version of cutting blades has been specifically designed for very resistant and heat-treated materials, and for nickel-based alloys.

The TiAIN coating is widely used in the production of cutting tools and indicates the combination of titanium nitrite and aluminum: the combination of these elements gives the C4 © bandsaw blade greater hardness and wear resistance.

Using a TiAIN coated bandsaw blade brings the following advantages:

  • Improved tooth geometry
  • Use of less cutting force
  • Resistance to oxidation and higher temperature
  • Top geared cutting performance with smooth and silent blades

Certosa CM lama in metallo duro per acciaio temprato o cromato

Una lama in metallo duro la cui geometria del dente è pensata in modo specifico per connettersi al materiale da taglio. Il dente trapezoidale rettificato è caratteristico per materiali con strati periferici cromati e temprati come tubi a spessore e barre tonde quali acciai da costruzione o per utensili.


Certosa C Alu bandsaw blade for cutting aluminum and aluminum alloys

Certosa C Alu is perfect for improving cutting performance and increasing industrial productivity. A bandsaw blade suitable for cutting large plates and blocks, specifically indicated for cutting aluminum and aluminum alloys. It results in reduced cutting waste and shavings can be easily vacuumed. Very suitable for precise and rapid cuts on material such as aluminum, aluminum alloys and all non-ferrous metals.

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