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Agila TPX Plus

Bimetal band saw blade Agila TPX Plus

Agila TPX Plus is a specific bimetal bandsaw blade which guarantees top performance thanks to reinforced toothing.
The special geometry of the reinforced toothing makes it suitable for cutting various bundled bars and profiles.

The main feature of the Agila TPX Plus version consists in its durability, since the toothing profile is designed to resist breaking and also ensures greater execution speed and significant time savings. A blade designed to cut structures, pipes and beams suitable for all steel profiles. Its special geometry helps cushion the overload during the cutting process and thanks to the integrated “chip shape” there is almost no risk of breaking the teeth and performing inaccurate cuts.

Bimetal blade with a special design that reinforces the blade toothing, so that every cut can be performed in speed. Every slit made with this type of blade is silent, vibrations are reduced and the positioning sequence is optimized.

Durability on beams, pipes and all types profiles along with production time optimization, thus avoiding machine downtime. Preservation of excellent sharpness even on stainless steel pipes and profiles. Bimetal bandsaw blades require no break-in. 


The special design of the reinforced backside of the blade prevents overloading and toothing breaking. The cutting performance is precise, stable and silent. Also perfect on particularly resistant pipes and profiles thanks to low vibration while cutting.


Agila TPX Plus is a specific bandsaw blade which boasts high resistance against toothing breaking. It can be used to cut all types of material with interrupted thickness sections, especially in the construction industry.

Agila TPX Plus© Coated version

Coated Agila TPX Plus does not require any break-in of the bimetal bandsaw, since its reinforced toothing is coated with TiAIN. The titanium nitride, used on specific high performance blades including Agila TPX PLUS, ensures even greater hardness, performance quality and wear resistance.
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