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Bimetal Band Saw Blades

A.C.C. Bimetal bandsaw blades

A.C.C. Advanced Cutting Company srl, as a bandsaw blade manufacturer, offers a wide range of bimetal blades of different types (Agila M42, Agila TP, Performa M51, Performa HL, Performa G), all perfect for any solid and profile cutting, both single and in packs.

Our bimetal bandsaw blades can be used on saws, automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines. Discover our large catalog of bimetal blades for cutting iron, steel, stainless steel and any other ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Using bimetal blades brings the following advantages:

  • Less frequent change of the blade and a long life span of the same
  • Reduced noise during production phases thanks to the new development process
  • The cutting surface will look better and the teeth setting will lead to high-quality cutting performance

Choose from our bimetal bandsaw blades

Agila M42 multifunction bimetal bandsaw blade

It is a multifunctional bimetal bandsaw blade which can be used for multiple purposes and is universally applicable.

It shows high resistance to wear and tear and has a long life span, guarantees precise cuts. Great wear resistance is determined by the presence of 8% cobalt.

M42 multifunction bimetal blade can be used for almost all types of workshop steel and in industrial series production on ferrous and non ferrous alloys. It has a long life span even when used for high vibration cuts thanks to the sturdy tooth edge.

Agila TP bimetal blade for pipes and profiles

The bimetal blade for pipes and profiles boasts great cutting performance and is perfect for making interrupted cuts.

It has a special tooth geometry that greatly reduces breakage, vibrations and is perfect on pipes and profiles. It can also be used for bundles of small round high-alloy steel bars.

A.C.C. has been a leading manufacturer of bimetal bandsaw blades for several decades and provides you with a type of blade which guarantees precise cuts and great resistance for uninterrupted industrial processing, our blades will make your production performing and fast.

Reinforced Agila TPX Plus blades

Agila TPX Plus is a specific blade which ensures high performance thanks to its reinforced toothing design.

While cutting large, H and/or IPE shaped, laminated profiles, a traditional blade may jam inside the material to be cut, but this problem does not exist here thanks to the specific increased setting of the TPX Plus blade. It guarantees precise and silent cuts, low vibration and great durability on pipes and all types of profiles without downtime.

Performa M51 bimetal bandsaw blade for hard-to-cut materials

These are bimetal blades designed for cutting hard-to-cut materials. They have indeed constant hardness and toughness. They are long-lasting blades that give the machine the advantage of reduced load while leaving performance unchanged.

The main feature is the micro-resistant cutting edge, robustness to uninterrupted cuts on materials that are really difficult to cut and heat-resistant such as duplex and tempered steel, titanium and its alloys, aluminum bronze.

Performa HL and HL © bimetal bandsaw blade for high-alloy materials

As a bimetal blade manufacturer, we also offer you the Performa HL and HL © (coated) blades, which boast great cutting power, micro-resistance and stability. Thanks to their variable tooth geometry, which ensures that the chips are distributed smartly, they are long-lasting and able to reduce cutting forces.

They are available with variable tooth height and highly positive rake angle.

Performa G and G © (coated version) bimetal blade for high-alloy materials

Performa G / G © (ground and coated) blades guarantee excellent performance and precision while cutting high-alloy materials.

Their technology is really innovative, since it is designed to cut both medium-sized and very large pieces. Thanks to the ground toothing and micro-resistant cutting edge, they guarantee a long service life and provide extremely clean cutting surfaces.

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