A.C.C. Advanced Cutting Company is a manufacturer of bandsaw blades which guarantee perfect cuts and processings.

Our bandsaw blades are especially designed to be high-performance cutting blades of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, they perform well on any type of steel up to high-alloy and/or heat-treated steels.

Bandsaw blades boast several features, including versatility.
The bandsaw blade toothing guarantees top performance when specifically chosen for processing, thus allowing to have precise, clean and rapid cuts of profiles, pipes, solid material and on beams.

Furthermore, metal cutting blades can easily cut structural steel (e.g. steel for construction), low-alloy steels and any stainless steel profile.



High quality

all our products are certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, allowing our Company to answer the most stringent requirements of international standards and specifications.

Large product range

to provide an unparalleled product selection for distributors and professional users.


from stock (average 98%) to drastically reduce lead times.


in dealing even with orders of one product only, avoiding the customer to carry redundant inventories.

After sales assistant

to support customers with technical advice, assistance and calibrations.

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ACC is a European Leading Trading Company that specializes in producing bimetal and carbide tipped bandsaw blades...

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